Thursday, March 7, 2013

Johnson Controls Cogenra and York team up!

OK we learned a little more and yes...

This IS what I've been talking about!

Dear Reader, this is the moment. Possibly our moment.

Are you are reading this because you are seeing this double whammy of increased efficiency AND reduced load / demand reduction as a game changer?

Do you compete with Johnson Controls or York? or both? We should talk. They have a neat offering, for sure, and it is game changing. But there is a still better way. I'm working on it.  Let them go educate the public about the value and role of hybrids in the generation, conservation plus the air conditioning space.  While they do that we'll generate the version that wins the day. Seriously, I can layout the advantage that I present in about 20 min.

My guess is you are reading this because you understand the problem with temperature and Photovoltaic materials.  And that you get the frustrating "loss" of the thermal potential in most PV collection schemes.  Cogenra makes sense to you but the limits on where they can install and the scale and the granularity and the temperatures seem just short of the win. And 10X suns? is that all?

Ping me.

OK not a hybrid but neat way to stack the Air Conditioning and DC power cards

These guys have a different spin on running Air Conditioning on solar power: just make a DC air conditioner.  Nice. They run it at 24V. I am not sure why they did not go for a higher voltage to sneak out some more efficiency.... I'll leave a question and see what comes of it. But they skip the inverter losses and seem to have made a tidy little unit.

13,500 BTUs... a small RV AC unit size. Not too shabby. The additional goodies (grid-tie option and battery carrier area) seem to be in the "technically feasible but lots of regulations to contend with" category. But the "stand-alone, grid-free AC while the sun shines" part is good to go. I'm guessing there are plenty of customers for that.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cogenra keeps chugging along

Here is a more detailed than usual story. In the Ventura County Naval Community newsletter - you go to source for energy efficiency news evidently.

Take a look at how burly their mounts are. 100 mph winds they say are no problem... I'm ready to believe it.

The story has a prohibition on "redistribution" so I'll leave it over there and aim you.